The project Invisible Moth Spells questions the human perception, superiority and the invisible dimensions of reality.

The project has been developed as a response to the alarming declining numbers of ecosystems and insect populations as a result of urbanization, habitat loss, pesticide use and climate crisis. The project brings attention to and question existing social stigmas while encouraging care and sharing information about moths. The project's main objective is to make the invisible visible. 

WIP 2021

Invisible Moth Spells

Through interactive sculptures situated in urban space, I hope to invite audiences to explore in a playful way the wonderful world of moths, wildflowers, hidden patterns and ranges of light. Each sculpture presents an unseen hidden aspect of moths. For example, moths see ultraviolet and polarized light which is invisible to humans.
The work acts as a portal into the more-than-human world of insects and moths, in which light becomes a material and urban space its playground.

The sculptures are accompanied by an illustrated fictional book that introduces the invisible dimension, instructs interaction with the sculptures, use of moth spells and gives practical exercises for multispecies futures. The project's visual representation is guided by moths' colour and light perception and urban tiled grid patterns. Using the grid as a starting point for visual composition reinstates the human desire to control and organize the natural world.