The Rehabilitation Hotel for Technology is a speculative hotel for people who are addicted to technology. Its interior with various meeting and activity rooms reflects critically on our relationship and embodied experiences with smartphones, computers and social-media.

Interior Design BA(Hons)
Glasgow School of Art

The hotel is situated in the Caledonia Road Free Church ruins originally built in 1856 and designed by Alexander Thompson. Most of the original building was destroyed in a fire in 1965 and has been left into ruins ever since, placed
in-between two highway roads on a triangular island.

This project aims to question the conventional meaning and interiors of a rehabilitation centre while providing an alternative relaxed and less-clinical atmosphere. The space combines the comforts of a hotel with the intentions of a rehabilition centre. The activities and the feel of the space engage patient in new ways to empower the lasting effects of
the treatment.

Telephone room next to reception