Liina Lember is a multidisciplinary designer from Estonia. She speaks a visual language of shapes, colours and materials.
She explores subjects as broad as existing social norms, relationships with and understanding of other-than-human users, emerging technologies, anthropology, ecosystems and biodiversity.
Her practice emphasises experimentation, research and questioning the liminal space between plausible futures and alternative realities.

With a background in interior design and illustration, her work provokes discussion and engages people in a playful manner through objects, experiences, illustrations and imaginative spaces. She uses space, illustrations, photography, video, interviews, social experiments and material exploration as a part of her research process that guides and evolves her work.

She has graduated from interior design BA(Hons) course at the Glasgow School of Art. She currently studies at the Royal College of Art Information Experience Design course in London.
She has previously lived, worked, studied in Glasgow, Paris, Dubai and Berlin.