I’m a London based multidisciplinary designer and media artist with experience in information experience, interior and graphic design. I hold a MA in information experience design from the Royal College of Art in London and have obtained BA (Hons) with distinction in interior design from Glasgow School of Art.

I investigate the limits of the human body compared to other-than-human beings. My work looks into the future of urban spaces and ways of tackling omnipresent in-visible problems such as light and carbon pollution. With the project In-visible Moth Spells, I enabled the audience to experience the world through the eyes of a moth whilst exposing the constraints of human vision.

My work addresses urgent global problems such as mass extinction, our understanding of the use of technology and its effects on our health and nature. My design process is guided by research, experimentation and questioning the status quo. I utilise speculative and critical design processes to bridge the gap between broad disciplines such as science, art and design.

My work provokes discussion and engages people in a playful manner through objects, experiences, illustrations and imaginative spaces. I use space, mixed media, illustrations, photography, video, interviews, social experiments, workshops and material exploration as a part of my research process that guides and evolves my work.


Residency at SpudWorks, Sway, New Forest, August 2022

Designer in residence at EMMA, Pforzheim spring 2022

Shortlisted student project
Artsthread Global Design Graduate Show 2021

MAB Media Architecture Biennale 2021
KooZ/Arch Student Award Nominee

Narrative Design Winner 2021
Storybook on Coronavirus for Children
D’Source Corona Design Challenge
IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay India 

Highly commended for “Best student studio degree project in the UK”
Interior Educators UK, Free Range, London 2016

The Chairman’s medal: outstanding design school student
Glasgow School of Art 2016

Douglas Clerk Memorial prize, Glasgow School of Art

BBC Scotland meeting room wall mural design 2014

J D Kelly Memorial Prize, Interior Design, Glasgow School of Art


08/2022 Moth Fest Day along with workshops, moth breakfast and evening light installation, in collaboration with the Butterfly Conservation and Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London

07/2022 Designers in Residence, EMMA Kreativzentrum Pforzheim, Germany

05/2022 Reciprocal Stories: Moss and Moths with Nirit Ben-Meri, Back Room Gallery, Holdrons Arcade, London  

07/2021 BEEP-BEEP IED group show, Menier Gallery in London

07/2021 Mutuality in the Biosphere workshop with Nirit Ben-Meir
Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer, In collaboration with Collective Matter

02/2021 WIP RCA online show