Liina Lember 


Booklet and an installation about lights importance, its effects on health and issues around light pollution. Showcased as a result of Designers in Residence exhibiton in July 22 at Emma Pforzheim. Part of the result of my research into light pollution is the ‘Guide for Navigating Urban Lightscape. Citizen Right for Light Knowledge’ booklet, which is seen below.
Selected photos by W. Reinhardt.

Designers in residence
Emma Kreativzentrum
Spring 2022

The full booklet can be found here:

The centrepiece of the exhibition was a light installation that engaged the audiences on the topic of light pollution through storytelling, visually compelling graphic illustrations and light effects. This created an immersive experience to the audiences.

The exhibition visitors were invited to partake in a city-wide trail encompassing a series of thought-provoking posters that addressed the implications of human reliance on artificial light. Equipped with a comprehensive map available at the exhibition, visitors were empowered to locate these posters and observe firsthand the specific lighting fixtures and light sources in question. The map and passing the trail also communicated with and engaged members of the local community who may not have had the opportunity to attend the exhibition in person. Each light was selected for its night-time light polluting properties and had a QR code that showed the light in the nighttime.

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