Liina Lember 


In-visible Moth Spells is an installation which explores the mutual interests, shared concerns and interconnectedness of moths, humans and other species. The installation examines how light pollution, the changing urban space and dwindling natural resources affect a range species including our own. Invisible Moth Spells creates a space for moths and people to meet, being it either red electromagnetic spectrum, interactive urban playground or spoken enchanting moth spells. The installation is accompanied by a booklet that gives further information about the project and moths.

In-visible Moth Spells
IED XD pathway
MA Royal College of Art

During the installation the audience is bathed in red enchanting light whilst listening to moth spells

The installation addresses our connection to other species, urban light pollution and the urgency caused by mass extinction

In the red light spectrum all ordinary foliage becomes enchanted by the depths between shadow and light

The red light installation is accompanied by an illustrated fictional booklet that introduces the the moths umwelt, contains written moth spells and tells a story of the last moth. The project's visual representation is guided by moths' colour and light perception and human created urban tiled grid patterns. The project's use of grids as a part of the visual language represents the human desire to control and organize the natural world.

I would like to express my gratitude to Zoë Randle from the Butterfly Conservation for helping to collect and spread the word about moth spells. Also, a big thank you to all the spell authors Steve Palin, Anna-Maria Amato, Lisa Hawkins, Philip Burton and Roy Leverton.