Liina Lember 


The installation consists of four playful sculptures that double into seats. The installation is set in the Põhjala factory courtyard next to local shops, cafes and restaurants, in the north of Tallinn, is free and open to visit at any time.
The installation invited visitors to take a moment and re-discover the beauty of wildflowers and their importance in urban environment. The project also introduces the importance of insects, the plants that are important to them and how the wellbeing of wildlife is also important for our own wellbeing. That's why it's important that we re-create places for insects and wildlife, a place to be and stay together. All visitors and local community members could pick up a free package of wildflower seeds from the local coffee shop.

The installation is part of the Tallinn European Green Capital 2023 program.

Urban space installation
Tallinn European Green Capital 2023
Tallinn, Estonia