Liina Lember 


Through interactive sculptures situated in urban space, I invite the audience to explore the wonderful world of moths, wildflowers, hidden patterns and ranges of light.
Each sculpture presents an unseen hidden aspect of moths. For example, moths see ultraviolet and polarized ligh which is invisible to humans, so there are specific sculptures that show these traits.
The work acts as a portal into the more-than-human world of insects and moths, in which light becomes material and urban space its playground.

Part of the In-visible Moth Spells project

As part of my creative process, I like to use coloured paper and hand skecthing to develop my ideas and design first prototypes. This makes the first part of the process dynamic and playful.

The graphic representation and overview of the playground. The design incorporates an array of colours, such as deep green, blue, off-white, yellow, and red. These colours are inspired by the visual acuity of moths. For example, moths can perceive blue and white flowers at night, owing to their ability to see ultraviolet (UV) light.

The 1:100 models of the Urban Playground.

The red light and moth spell megaphone sculptures were built in 1:1 scale. With consideration for durability within an outdoor setting, materials such as metals like steel and aluminium were chosen. I also took into account their potential environmental impact. It is worth noting that the majority of metals used in this project are easily recyclable, thus minimizing waste. This approach was favored over alternative materials, such as paper or wood, which tend to have a more limited lifespan. The red dome, on the other hand, was hand blown using glass.